A Letter to God’s Holy Church

Brother’s and Sisters, greetings in the LORD Jesus Christ and Shalom to you.  May God’s grace be multiplied to you.

It is with great sorrow that I write to you. Some among your denominations have decided to allow all likes of depravity and lawlessness to run rampant in your congregations, abusing and usurping the Grace of God, and teaching others to do likewise.

Tell me Children of God, when did God’s Grace become a stumbling block for you? Do you not know that Christ died for sin, freeing you from it? Even so, some of you have decided to take God’s Grace and use it to commit various evils, but you misunderstand the Grace of God. God’s Grace is freely Given, however there is requirement of Choice to receive God’s Grace, but when you pervert the Grace of God and continue sinning you bring condemnation on yourselves.

This is in accordance with what Rabbi Paul has said that some will have a form of Godliness, but denying it’s Power. Even so, some among you have decided to sacrifice your own Children to Molech, and support and encourage other’s to do likewise. I grieve greatly because of this. The scripture speaks against such things, and this type of sin will not go unpunished.

Even more so, some of you insist that the Law of Moses has been abolished and removed, and therefore all is permitted. A few have taken upon this doctrine. The very same false doctrine taught two thousand years ago. I tell you this, the Law of Moses is God’s law given unto Moses for instruction to the Israelites, but for you this same law, through the New Covenant, has been written on your hearts as foretold by the prophets. Therefore, we should bear Good fruits in accordance with our Faith, doing good works. Indeed, we have been saved by Grace, through Faith, but not a faith apart from works. For in the book of James it says that faith and works are inseparable. Our faith is demonstrated by our works. Just has Abraham obeyed God according to his faith. True faith is measured by our obedience to God.

So does this mean that we are all bound to the Law of Moses? Should all believers in Christ be circumcised? I say no. The law of Moses does not save, or rather adherence to the law does not save, nor circumcision, because the faith in Christ crucified accomplishes what circumcision could not. However, if we continue in disobedience, and lawlessness, denying Christ Crucified, then we condemn ourselves. Even so, we are worse than a nonbeliever. For it is Christ that said that you are saved by repentance and belief, not just belief.

Likewise, there are those who follow a strict adherence to the Torah, and a zeal for all the commands of God, but these are also in error, because they forget their first love, Jesus Christ. They do good and repent of their lawlessness, evening going so far to keep all of the commands, but they lack a belief and the Grace that saves them.

A person is not saved from works only, nor is a person saved only on belief, for even the demons believe.

I Michael, brother and disciple in the Lord Jesus, beseech everyone, repent of your sins, seek forgiveness and believe in Christ’s atonement through his death on the cross. I say this with a loving and sincere heart.


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