I started chewing on “taking the Lord’s name in vain” years ago and I was quite surprised where it took me.

Picture a sketchy used car salesman who advertises his car lot as “Honest” John’s Used Cars. This man is taking the name “Honest” for his own glory. He is telling the world that he is “Honest” even when a lot of what he does is quite sketchy, perhaps even immoral or illegal. His use of “Honest” is for his own benefit – to make him look better – He is using the name in Vain.
When we call ourselves Christians, we are claiming that we are followers of Christ. Not simply admirers of Christ, or researchers of Christ, but that we are actual FOLLOWERS of Christ.

What is a follower? Think of a football game. The people in the stands love the game, are willing to travel to see the game in person, can quote statistics, cheer loudly at times, etc… BUT they are not on the field taking the hard blows, fighting the battle! When we call ourselves Christian, we are announcing that we are going to be on the battle field fighting the good fight not just cheering from safety of the sidelines while sipping our favorite beverage.

The person on the field in the heat of the battle has prepared beforehand, has held to a certain diet, has spent lots of time practicing and learning, has worked hard to improve their endurance and strength, all to be ready to battle today. God says that he would rather we were Hot or Cold (heaven bound or hell bound) than lukewarm (those that sit in the stands but don’t jump into the battle).

Take a look at your life.  If you needed to stand before the Judge would you be considered Hot?  That is our goal!  Our goal is not to watch a battle between good and evil, but to get involved!
Let’s all choose to be FOLLOWERS of Christ, put on our armor, and get to work! The enemy is literally killing people all around us!

Let’s live our lives so that the people who know us cheer us on like the spectators cheer on their favorite football “warrior”.  Let’s encourage our fans to join into the war by teaching them, mentoring them, and befriending them.

Warning:  This course of action might result in you having to settle for less worldly possessions.  You may wind up with an older and cheaper vehicle, may not purchase a new boat this year, may not upgrade the camper, may not take a lavish vacation, whatever.  The cost of getting into the war between good and evil is something real and not “easy”, BUT what would it be worth for you to hear “Well done” from Jesus?!

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  1. Teresa Williams 1 month ago

    Hello Mike. I’m new here. I don’t understand what you mean by this post about taking the Lord’s name in vain. Can you explain, please? Thx.

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