I used to write poetry but haven’t in a long while. My poetry was/is written to honor God and every word I’ve ever written was given to me by God. This one was was written awhile back and it’s my prayer that each person who reads sees Jesus as the true Super Hero of our lives.


The Greatest Super Hero
Doesn't fly like superman
He heals the sick and brokenhearted
with the touch of His hand.

He doesn't have a batmobile
a cape or a mask
But He can give eternal life
if you go to Him and ask.

He cannot be killed with kryptonite
His enemies will not win
because my super hero
has died and rose again!

The greatest super hero
isn't found in a comic book
He's on His throne in Heaven
My sins from me He took!

This hero has carried me
calmed the storm and saved my life
the greatest super hero of all
is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Mikesmiles 3 weeks ago

    Cool Poem! Did you write this?

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