Last summer I was diagnosed with MS. And while I am still able to work at the moment, I do feel that soon I won’t be able to be on my feet as much as I am now and I do know that I push myself way too hard at times, but I always try to do what needs to be done in order to make sure my family is taken care of. Even if it means I end up personally suffering for it. Lately I’ve had this topic of going back to school (college, I never finished when I was younger) laid heavily on my mind. So I’ve been doing a little research into different schools and think I’ve settled on one with a fairly interesting Associates program. A degree would definitely benefit myself and my little family. (I just need to apply haha.) More recently, I’ve had this topic of “affiliate marketing” heavy on my mind and I really know nothing about that, so I’ve been doing some research. With all of this, I’ve been praying for clarity and discernment, and I just am not sure. I am trying to figure out if it’s the spirit laying these ideas on me or if it’s just things my own subconscious is feeding me.

I know that Gods timing is perfect and that all things work together for good (even if at times I wonder how that truly can be possible). Maybe it’s just me being impatient. Oh. One more thing, maybe someone can help with this. Last night I dreamed of a ruler. It randomly did an extreme closeup and there were many many lines between the ones that we can see normally. Then it turned to a book. The pages kept turning until it finally stopped. And while I could tell there were words on the page, it wouldn’t close in enough to allow me to read them. I also couldn’t tell if this book was the Bible or what it was. Then it was done. This has been heavy on my mind all day today and I’ve been praying about it. I’m not sure what it means, or if it even means anything. Dreams can be so weird. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, I sincerely appreciate it. Any help would also be appreciated.

With Love.

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  1. Katrice 8 months ago

    Kendra, ANYTHING is possible with Christ(God). Get your head anointed with oil by the elders of the church and their prayer of faith will heal you/ just keep asking the Father is Jesus Christ(Yeshua) Name to heal you. Jesus says in His Word, “I will do it” ….but you have to have Faith and believe. God healed me of 4 illnesses just by asking then throwing my meds away. I think the illness started by some kind of sin of the enemy in my life because God promises health for us. I will be also praying for you Kendra. I KNOW you will get better and by your Faith will be healed of “MS”
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen which by God created the whole Universe. He spoke it, believed, and there it was. We’ve all got to practice FAITH. Love you Kendra, Sister in Christ Jesus

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  2. WarriorofGod22 8 months ago

    Hello Kendra, Iḿ new here though, not new to the faith. However, I have been recently delivered and baptized in the holy spirit so, I can better tell the difference between my inner thoughts or flesh desires and the holy spiritś’s guidance and messages than I was able to in my earlier years. Itś a journey and I am still in my own process and learning each day.

    Jesus will never confuse you or make you feel uneasy about your decisions; that is your flesh. Pray to Jesus for clarity because I do believe he is sending you messages in your dreams. I can also see that you will be completely healed in Jesus Almighty’s name. I am but a messenger and the Lord related this message to me for you. ¨Keep your faith near to your heart my daughter, the Lord says, for I am here to comfort you, not bewilder you¨. ¨All you must do is speak my name and I shall always be by your side no matter what trials and tribulations your life puts you through¨. “I AM WHO I AM” I will never give you more than you can handle and as long as you believe in me, ask forgiveness for your sins, and repent by changing your old ways, you shall be forgiven and live with me in paradise forever and ever when I return¨. Ï have never left your side and never will and if you ever feel uneasy, know that it is not me communicating with you, for I only want to bring love, comfort, and peace to you¨.

    Pray, in Jesus’s name, and the truth shall be revealed to you; never question our Father in heaven. He is all-knowing and almighty and he knows best. Amen

    Biblical scripture in reference to Godś message to you, Ï AM WHO I AM¨:
    “I AM WHO I AM” in Exodus 3:14. The phrase is translated from the Hebrew ehyeh asher ehyeh, which means “I am that I am” or “I shall be what I am”.

    I pray for healing and clarity for you sister in Christ. In Jesus Almighty name! Amen :jfish: :angel: :love:

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