Rural America Set to Be Transformed By 55 Million-Acre Federal Solar Plan Solar energy’s appetite for vast amounts of land has prompted the Biden administration to propose designating as much as 55 million acres of public lands as potential sites for industrial-scale solar farms.
That’s an area larger than 36 states and similar in size to Idaho or Minnesota.
An updated initiative by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), called the Western Solar Plan, proposes six alternatives for solar development.
In the most aggressive of these scenarios, 55 million acres across 11 Western states would be made available for solar energy. The least aggressive alternative would designate 8 million acres for that purpose.
The BLM’s “preferred alternative” falls halfway between the two, setting aside 22 million acres for solar development....
Activist Group Launches Campaign To Recall Calif Gov. Newsom A recall attempt against Governor Gavin Newsom was defeated back in 2021, but his detractors are not giving up just yet.
Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Manslaughter Trial Scheduled For July A New Mexico judge has scheduled a trial date for actor Alec Baldwin on an involuntary manslaughter charge, which sparked from the 2021 fatal shooting on the set of the Western-themed film Rust.
SCOTUS Weighs In On Social Media Bans In Florida And California After lower courts delivered conflicting rulings, the Supreme Court heard two issues on Monday that are related to contentious laws imposing social media limits in Texas and Florida.
Sen. McConnell: Not Going to Let Government Shut Down
Sen. McConnell: Not Going to Let Government Shut Down Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Monday that Senate Republicans will not let the government shut down, and warned his colleagues Americans will be watching closely how Congress responds.
IN-DEPTH: Labor Department’s Final Rule Could Redefine Independent Contractors as Employees The U.S. Department of Labor’s new final rule redefining who can be classified as an independent contractor takes effect next month.
The Biden administration says the new rule aims to protect workers misclassified as independent contractors and denied protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
“Labor protections are a promise of a floor beneath which no one should be forced to live and work,” Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su wrote on X last month after the final rule was announced. “Misclassification, the practice of calling someone an independent contractor when they are actually an employee, is a breach of that promise.”...
Trump, Biden Release Statements on Murder of Georgia Student Amid Border Crisis Following the recent murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Hope Riley, former President Trump is promising to seal the border to illegal immigration on day one if he is re-elected, while President Joe Biden says anyone who is found guilty of a crime in the United States should face the full force of the law.
Jose Antonio Ibarra was arrested by police in connection with the death of Ms. Riley on Feb. 23, the day after her body was found on the University of Georgia campus. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) documents cited by NewsNation indicate Mr. Ibarra crossed unlawfully into El Paso, Texas in 2022, and was released back into the community because there was not enough detention space.... ...
Lloyd Austin’s Undisclosed Hospitalization: Pentagon Releases Investigation An internal review has blamed privacy limitations and staff skepticism for the Pentagon’s failure to quickly inform the president and other leaders about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization.
Co-Chair of Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Resigns
Co-Chair of Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Resigns The co-chair of Harvard's antisemitism task force resigned Sunday reportedly because she believed the university would not commit to acting on the group's recommendations. .
Bill Filed in Ky. Adds Abortion Exceptions With Rape, Incest
Bill Filed in Ky. Adds Abortion Exceptions With Rape, Incest Legislation aimed at easing Kentucky's near-total abortion ban by creating limited exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest was introduced Monday in the GOP-dominated House, as lawmakers wrangle with an issue at the forefront of last year's campaign for...
Letter Containing White Powder Sent to Don Jr.'s Home
Letter Containing White Powder Sent to Don Jr.'s Home Emergency crews responded Monday after a letter containing an unidentified white powder was sent to the Florida home of Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President and GOP front-runner Donald Trump.A person familiar with the matter said that results on the...
Rep. Scott Perry: House GOP Should Cancel Biden’s State Of The Union Address Speaker Mike Johnson is being urged by former House Freedom Caucus Chair Representative Scott Perry to prevent President Biden from delivering his yearly State of the Union speech next month.
Panelists and Audience Members Share Their Stories After Panel on Jan. 6 Many are feeling the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach still to this day. It was the main topic of discussion at a panel hosted by The Epoch Times during the Conservative Political Action Conference, one of the nation’s largest annual gatherings of conservative groups and voters. NTD spoke with panelists and audience members following the discussion to hear how Jan. 6 changed their lives.
Biden Says Hamas–Israel Hostage and Ceasefire Negotiations ‘Not Done Yet,’ Hopes for Agreement by Week’s... President Joe Biden said he hopes that negotiations for the release of hostages by Hamas in return for a temporary humanitarian ceasefire by Israel and Hamas can be achieved by the end of the weekend.
Noting that negotiations haven’t come to a conclusion yet, President Biden said he was hoping for an agreement that will see all hostages released by Monday, March 4.
“My national security adviser tells me that we’re close, we’re close. It’s not done yet,” he told reporters when pressed on when he thinks a ceasefire will start if all sides can come to an agreement....
Banker Jacob Rothschild Dies At Age 87 According to his family's Monday announcement, British financier Jacob Rothschild, a prominent member of one of the most well-known banking houses in Europe, passed away at the age of 87.
Rep Scott Perry Calls for Blocking Biden’s State of the Union Over Border Policy Standoff Congressman Scott Perry (R-Pa.) has called for the Republican-controlled House to block President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address next week over disagreements with the president’s border security policies.
Appearing for an interview on Fox Business on Monday, Mr. Perry said the Republican-controlled House ought to use “every single point of leverage” it has to compel the president to take desired actions on border security and U.S. government spending writ large. One particular action he endorsed would bar the president from the customary annual address to the nation at a special joint session of Congress.
“[The President] comes at the invitation of Congress. The Republicans are in charge of the House,” Mr. Perry said. “There’s no reason that we need to ...
Harvard Poll: 76% of Voters Want Biden Report Public
Harvard Poll: 76% of Voters Want Biden Report Public More than three quarters of voters want Special Council Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden released, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll.
Jack Smith Pushes Back on Trump Allegations of Bias in Response to Demand for Documents Special counsel Jack Smith responded to former President Donald Trump’s attorneys’ motion to compel evidence from the prosecution by attempting to push back on allegations that the prosecution is selective and vindictive.
The former president is being prosecuted for allegedly mishandling classified documents and also not properly responding to a subpoena, as the case has been mired in millions of pages of documents and months of video shared in discovery—much of which, the defense claims, the prosecutors have still not handed over.
The Feb. 26 argument was filed after obtaining express permission from the court, as prosecutors argued that the defense had brought up new arguments in their reply to the prosecution’s initial response and that they should be given the opportunity ...
Haley Shoots Down Talk of No Labels Election Run
Haley Shoots Down Talk of No Labels Election Run Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, fresh off a resounding defeat in her home state of South Carolina in Saturday's GOP primary, tamped down any possibility of making a run at the White House on the third party No Labels platform.
Conservatives Launch Another Recall Attempt Against Newsom
Conservatives Launch Another Recall Attempt Against Newsom Conservative activists initiated another recall bid against California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday.
Trump’s Cash Pile Shrinks as Legal Fights Ramp Up: Filings Can former President Donald Trump add cash to his long list of problems?
On Feb. 20, three of the organizations supporting President Trump’s third run for the White House issued their monthly financial statements with the Federal Election Commission.
Those groups, the principal campaign committee Donald J. Trump for President 2024 Inc., the unauthorized super political action committee (PAC) Make America Great Again Inc., and the qualified leadership PAC Save America said they collectively earned about $21.2 million in total receipts.
The groups spent far more than they earned, however. The trio reported spending about $52.2 million. However, they retained about $47.7 million in cash on hand....
Trump Campaign Slams DA Bragg's Gag Order Request
Trump Campaign Slams DA Bragg's Gag Order Request The Trump campaign fired back at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s team of prosecutors for requesting a "restrictive gag order" in the New York criminal case involving alleged hush money payments made prior to the 2016 election.
Harvard Poll: Trump Carries Positive Favorability Rating
Harvard Poll: Trump Carries Positive Favorability Rating Republican front-runner for president Donald Trump has a positive favorability rating among registered voters while President Joe Biden is 11 points under water, according to the latest Harvard/Harris X poll released Monday.
Anti-Israel Protesters in New York Berate Seinfeld
Anti-Israel Protesters in New York Berate Seinfeld Comedian Jerry Seinfeld encountered anti-Israel protesters as he departed from a Manhattan event on Sunday night, the New York Post reported.
Jack Smith: Trump's Classified Docs Case Worse Than Biden's
Jack Smith: Trump's Classified Docs Case Worse Than Biden's Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith's team contended Monday that former President Donald Trump's "deceitful criminal conduct" regarding his handling of classified documents does not even "remotely" resemble the case against President Joe Biden. In a 12-page...
State Department’s Matthew Miller, Reporter Spar Over Jewish Settlements in West Bank, Illegal Immigration to... State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller told a reporter at a press briefing in Washington on Monday that the Biden administration considers Jewish settlements in the West Bank (specifically the regions of Judea and Samaria) to be illegal and a “threat to peace” in the Middle East. The reporter fired back by juxtaposing that view with the Biden administration’s policy of allowing illegal immigrants to cross the Southern border and settle in the United States.
Majority of Americans Now Back Trump-Style Border Wall: Poll Illegal immigration has become a key concern of voters this election year, with a new poll showing that, for the first time in the survey’s history, a majority of Americans support building a wall along the U.S.–Mexico border.
With record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring into the country, public concern about the border crisis is higher during President Joe Biden’s term than under the prior two administrations, according to a Monmouth University poll released on Feb. 26.
More than six in 10 Americans think illegal immigration is a “very serious” problem, a sharp increase from 2015 and 2019, when prior Monmouth polls found that 43 percent and 49 percent, respectively, held that view....
Manhattan DA Seeks Trump Gag Order Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office is seeking a gag order that would prevent former President Donald Trump from making “certain extrajudicial statements” as a case alleging that the 45th president falsified business documents is heading to trial.
Last week, the district attorney filed a notice for the upcoming gag order motion, arguing that President Trump “has a long history of making public and inflammatory remarks about the participants in various judicial proceedings against him.”
The argument echoes those used in other jurisdictions to successfully gag President Trump during legal proceedings. A New York civil court and a federal judge in Washington both imposed gag orders on the former president with the reasoning that named parties may suffer undue harassment, and appeals ...
Rep. Ken Buck: Biden Cabinet Should Invoke 25th Amendment
Rep. Ken Buck: Biden Cabinet Should Invoke 25th Amendment Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., on Monday introduced a resolution that would call on President Joe Biden's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a first step in the process of removing the president from office.Buck's resolution, as reported by The Hill,...
Pentagon Clears Lloyd Austin of Wrongdoing After Secret Hospital Stay A U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) review released on Feb. 26 found that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had no “ill intent” when staff kept his hospitalization several weeks ago a secret.
After he was hospitalized, some in Congress asked why they weren’t immediately notified of the defense secretary’s condition. Mr. Austin is now scheduled to testify in the House this week.
The Pentagon report said that the decision-making process to transfer the defense secretary’s authority to his deputy should be improved in the future. However, it stated that “nothing examined during this review demonstrated any indication of ill intent or an attempt to obfuscate.”...
After South Carolina Primary Loss, Haley Still In Race: ‘This Is About Preventing War’ After another loss, this time in her home state, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley told supporters in Troy, Michigan, that “the world is on fire—literally” in reference to current conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as North Korean aggression. Defying calls from South Carolina Republicans to exit the race, Ms. Haley traveled on Sunday to Michigan—which holds its primary on Tuesday—to continue her campaign for the Republican presidential nod.
She told supporters in Michigan that her campaign “is about preventing war,” and criticized her competitor and former President Donald Trump’s recent comments to the effect that he would “encourage” Russia to do what it wanted with European countries that do not pay their way in NATO. Ms. Haley ...
Trump Accuses Jack Smith of ‘Lawless’ Actions to Hide Evidence to Benefit Biden’s Campaign Former President Donald Trump has accused special counsel Jack Smith of trying to support President Joe Biden’s campaign by making “lawless” requests to keep some evidence hidden that would otherwise reveal “unconstitutional, illegal, and unethical” conduct by investigators and prosecutors.
President Trump made the allegation in a Feb. 23 filing in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, in a case that accuses the former president of mishandling sensitive documents stored in his Mar-a-Lago home that the FBI raided.
“The Special Counsel’s Office has repeatedly demonstrated that they believe themselves to be entitled to disclose selective details of this case to try to support President Biden’s campaign efforts,” President Trump’s attorneys wrote in their filing....
Jeb Bush Comes to Trump’s Defense After New York Ruling Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully ran against then-candidate Donald Trump for president in 2016, came to his former foe’s defense after a New York judge issued a $355 million judgment against the former president.
Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Bush and Joe Lonsdale warned that the ruling and one against Tesla owner Elon Musk “imperil the rule of law” and also foster an anti-business environment in the United States.
“Equality before the law is precious, and these rulings represent a crisis not only for the soundness of our courts, but for the business environment that has allowed the U.S. to prosper,” the former governor argued....
Haley Dismisses Speculation of Joining Ticket With RFK Jr. During a Feb. 26 news conference, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley shot down speculation that she will run as a third-party candidate, possibly even with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
“I have not spoken with anyone about anything other than running as a Republican,” she told The Epoch Times when asked if she had spoken to Mr. Kennedy, who, like Ms. Haley, is seeking to position himself as an alternative to incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
“I have not talked to anyone. I have not put time into that. That’s not anything I’ve ever thought about. I’m running in a Republican primary.”...
Pentagon Briefing With Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder Pentagon press secretary Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder conducts a briefing in Washington, D.C., at 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 26.
What’s Fueling the Bay Area’s Street Addiction Crisis? In a recent episode of “American Thought Leaders,” host Jan Jekielek talks with Leighton Woodhouse, an investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker, and native of Berkeley, California. Mr. Woodhouse has been documenting the “street addiction crisis” engulfing the Bay Area and the political culture and policies fueling it. He is also the co-founder of the “Public” publication on Substack with Michael Shellenberger and a key investigator of the Twitter Files.
Jan Jekielek: The ideology emanating from Berkeley and from San Francisco is that all drugs should be legal.
Leighton Woodhouse: People tend to think of the Bay Area as very progressive, maybe even radically Left-wing, and that’s true. That misses a big element of the politics here, because it’s also a libertarian culture....
State Department Briefing With Matthew Miller State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller conducts a briefing in Washington at 1 p.m. ET on Feb. 26.
Trump, Biden to Make Dueling Border Trips President Joe Biden will visit the southern border on Feb. 29, the White House announced, the same day that former President Donald Trump will go to Eagle Pass, Texas, to highlight the worsening border crisis.
“On Thursday, President Biden will travel to Brownsville, Texas, to meet with U.S. Border Patrol agents, law enforcement, and local leaders,” a White House official told reporters on Feb. 26.
“He will discuss the urgent need to pass the Senate bipartisan border security agreement, the toughest and fairest set of reforms to secure the border in decades.”
President Trump is slated to be 300 miles away in Eagle Pass. His campaign took a swipe at President Biden’s simultaneous trip....
Senator Manchin Will Back Trump If He Becomes President Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) vowed to back whoever wins the 2024 presidential race, even if it is former President Donald Trump.
“Whenever our president is elected, duly elected by the people, which Joe Biden was done, which Donald Trump was done in 2016, I’m going to do everything I can to help my president be successful,” Mr. Manchin said in a Feb. 24 interview with Fox. He was responding to whether he had any “fears for the country” if the Republican candidate was to win a second term. Mr. Manchin clarified that he will support President Trump if he wins the 2024 race, but “I’m not going to vote for Donald Trump.”...
Haley Campaign Says It Raised $1 Million After South Carolina Defeat Nikki Haley’s campaign says it raised $1 million in the 24 hours following her loss in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary.
On Feb. 25, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations’ principal campaign committee, Nikki Haley For President Inc., issued a press release claiming it brought in more than $1 million “from grassroots supporters alone.”
“Millions of Americans want a better choice in this election,” spokeswoman AnnMarie Graham-Barnes said in the release. “Nikki is moving full speed ahead toward Super Tuesday, where voters will have the opportunity to vote for her promise of American strength and an end to chaos.”
Over the weekend, Ms. Haley lost another primary contest to former President Donald Trump. According to the official results published by ...
Trump Appeals $464 Million Ruling in New York Civil Fraud Case Attorneys for former President Donald Trump have formally appealed a New York civil fraud ruling against him and executives of The Trump Organization, in which they were ordered to pay more than $450 million.
“This appeal is taken from each and every part of the judgment insofar as defendants are aggrieved,” the notice of appeal filed on Feb. 26 reads, noting that the penalties in total add up to more than $464 million.
The appeal will be filed in the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department.
New York Attorney General Letitia James sued President Trump and other executives from The Trump Organization for fraud. After a three-month trial, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron found all defendants liable on ...
Trump Lawyers Argue Fani Willis Needs to Testify Again Over Phone Evidence Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers on Sunday afternoon fired back in court against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s latest filing that attempted to disprove new allegations against her and her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.
Over the weekend, Ms. Willis’s office disputed in a court filing a previous Trump submission that used a private investigator’s analysis of Mr. Wade’s phone records to suggest that he visited her condo far more times than what he claimed in a recent court hearing. Recent allegations from a Trump co-defendant in his racketeering and election case stated that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade were engaged in a clandestine relationship and that she financially benefitted from the arrangement, which the two later confirmed....
Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Major Social Media Content Moderation Cases The U.S. Supreme Court, on Monday, hears oral arguments in two cases—Moody v. NetChoice and NetChoice v. Paxton—to determine whether Florida and Texas can enact laws prohibiting social media platforms from moderating content posted by their users.
CDC’s Recent Long COVID Study Avoids Identifying Vaccination Status of Participants A Feb. 15 report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that the prevalence of Long COVID exceeded 8.8 percent in several states.
What is not mentioned in the study is the vaccination status of the participants.
Long COVID, or long haul COVID, includes such things as fatigue, respiratory symptoms, and neurologic symptoms. These conditions surface, persist, or return following the contraction of an acute COVID-19 infection.
According to the CDC’s study, the highest percentage of long COVID was found in West Virginia, where 10.6 percent of survey participants reported suffering long-term effects of the coronavirus in 2022.
In Alabama and Montana, long COVID symptoms were reported by 9.8 percent of the state’s survey respondents....
Florida Confirms Five Cases of Measles, Cases Now Reported in 11 States Florida joins 10 other U.S. states in reporting confirmed cases of measles in recent months.
On Feb. 18, the Department of Health (DOH) in Broward County, Florida issued an advisory, (pdf) stating that it was “investigating multiple cases of measles” at an elementary school in Weston, Florida.”
According to Broward’s DOH, the outbreak was initially reported on Feb. 16 with the first patient being identified as a third-grade student at Manatee Bay Elementary School in Weston, about 20 miles west of Fort Lauderdale. The student is said to have no history of travel.
“DOH-Broward is continuously working with all partners, including Broward County Public Schools and local hospitals, to identify contacts that are at risk of transmission,” the advisory stated, adding that healthcare ...
Women Gun Rights Activists to Gather at Shooting Range for International Women’s Day In June 1917, Mrs. Ida Powell Priest of New York City was commander-in-chief of the American Women’s League for Self-Defense, a group of 500 women trained to take up arms to defend themselves and their country if the need arose.
According to an archival article in the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Magazine, Mrs. Powell’s focus was on defense.
“We design to improve health of mind and body through military training, to learn to think, act, obey and command intelligently and quickly, to be military, not militant,” Mrs. Priest was quoted as saying.
Antonia Cover, director of women’s outreach for Gun Owners of America, would like to see some of that attitude revived. Ms. Cover leads Empowered 2A, a movement dedicated to providing ...
Trump Marches Into South Carolina With Base, Top Republicans in Train CHARLESTON, S.C.—With the Republican nomination all but secured despite a longshot challenge from Nikki Haley, former President Donald Trump’s campaign is heading toward the South Carolina primary election this weekend with overwhelming support from the grassroots and the party elite in the Palmetto State.
During the previous contested GOP primary, in 2016, the state’s top Republican elected officials split in their endorsements.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Then-Gov. Haley and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)
This time around, the vast majority of top South Carolina Republican politicians have scrambled to associate themselves with the former president that their constituents love....
Former Micronesian President David Panuelo: How the CCP Targeted My Nation David Panuelo, the former president of the Federated States of Micronesia, wrote a number of letters to other leaders in the region during his time in office (2019–2023) to raise awareness about the Chinese regime’s belligerent tactics.
That part of the Pacific and its island nations are part of the “Second Island Chain” of defense in the United States’ military strategy and are crucial to the deterrence of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
Mr. Panuelo spoke with host Jan Jekielek for a recent episode of “American Thought Leaders.”
Jan Jekielek: I’ve been watching what you’ve been doing in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), where you were the president, standing up to communist China, and I’ve been reading several letters you wrote. At ...
Haley’s Hawkish Position on War Takes Center Stage in South Carolina Primary CHARLESTON, S.C.—One doesn’t have to travel very far in South Carolina to discover reminders of its martial spirit.
Eight military bases are scattered across the state. They include Parris Island, where U.S. Marines pass through boot camp—an experience fictionalized in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.”
Behind glass at the Charleston Museum, a pair of intricately carved 19th-century dueling pistols stand in for an old honor culture that still hasn’t been totally extirpated from the U.S. South.
The same South Carolina that supplied great military leaders such as Revolutionary War Gen. William Moultrie produced pro-slavery Rep. Preston Brooks (D-S.C.), a Democrat who in 1856 beat abolitionist Sen. Charles Sumner (R-Mass.) half to death with a cane in the Senate chamber....
‘Trump Country’ or ‘Haley Country’? Early Voting Underway in South Carolina CHARLESTON, S.C.—The earliest early voting totals reveal that South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary has already attracted many more participants than the Democratic primary earlier this month and not by a small margin.
As of day three of the early voting period, which lasts from Feb. 12 to Feb. 22, the South Carolina Election Commission recorded 50,855 votes, more than the 48,213 recorded over the entirety of the Democratic presidential primary’s early voting period of Jan. 22 to Feb. 2.
It’s a sign, albeit an unsurprising one, that even as former President Donald J. Trump’s lead mounts, his race against former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is still of greater interest than incumbent President Joe Biden’s mostly unchallenged attempt at being renominated....
Analysis: A Reality Check of the Jobs Report News Analysis
According to the Employment Situation report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on Feb. 2, the U.S. economy exceeded expectations by adding 353,000 jobs to the workforce in January. The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7 percent. While the report and the White House suggest that the labor market is strong, the American public remains dissatisfied with the state of the nation’s economy.
Following the release of the report, the White House said in a statement on Feb. 2, “Let’s face it: the job market, along with the rest of the U.S. economy, has been defying expectations for a while now,” adding, “This upside surprise is largely consistent with a wide variety of recent indicators” and that “January’s ...
Faith-Based Filmmaker Revives Jimmy Stewart in Biopic When Aaron Burns produces and directs a film, it’s usually historical fiction or faith-based. He’s known for the studio projects “Birthright: Outlaw” and “Legacy Peak.” But for the first time, Mr. Burns is departing from those genres with a theatrical movie about James Stewart tentatively titled “A Truly Wonderful Life.”
“It’s the first film I’ve directed that is a true life story,” Mr. Burns told The Epoch Times.
Known as Jimmy, James Stewart was a 5-time Oscar nominee and won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1940.
He starred in three classic films with John Wayne including “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” “How the West Was Won,” and “The Shootist.”...
Mazi Pilip Supporters React to Tom Suozzi’s NY Special Election Victory An hour after polls in Queens and Nassau County closed at 9 p.m., GOP candidate and federal politics newcomer Mazi Pilip conceded to former Democrat Rep. Tom Suozzi who won the special election to replace disgraced former Rep. George Santos (R-NY).
Dressed in a red dress and flanked by Nassau County GOP chair Joe Cairo, Reps. Anthony D’Esposito, Nick LaLota, former congressman Peter King, and other Republican notables, Ms. Pilip thanked volunteers and her colleagues.
“Each one of you worked so hard every single day in the last eight weeks, and we did a great job,” she said amid cheers and chants. “We are fighters. Yes, we lost, but it doesn’t mean we’re ending here.”...
Suozzi Defeats Pilip in NY Special Election Democrat Tom Suozzi defeated Republican Mazi Pilip in a New York special Congressional election viewed as a bellwether for the 2024 contests and a referendum on how the illegal immigration crisis and crime can impact close races.
Suozzi will fill the seat vacated by former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who was expelled from Congress following a months-long scandal over the veracity of his statements on the campaign trail and a federal indictment. New York’s governor Kathy Hochul scheduled a special election days after the expulsion.
Santos represented Congressional District 3, which encompasses Nassau County and parts of Eastern Queens, including Whitestone, Beechhurst, Douglaston, and Little Neck....
Legal Service Providers Jump In to Defend Those Involved in Self-Defense Shootings A viral video of a shooting in Virginia recently sparked debate between companies that provide legal services for those who use a firearm in self-defense.
The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), one of the largest and most well-known legal service providers, was the subject of online buzz over claims by the founder of a competing company that USCCA refused to cover policyholders in the Virginia shooting and another high-profile case.
Jerry Noskowiak, chief financial officer for Delta Defense, told The Epoch Times that the online stories aren’t accurate.
“There’s a lot of twisting going on in the marketplace. Some are twisting this to their benefit,” Mr. Noskowiak said....
Major Layoffs to Continue in 2024 Continuing the trend from 2023, more major layoffs are coming in 2024.
Data collected by DemandSage show that more than 1.64 million Americans were laid off in 2023.
To ring in the new year, tech companies and banks, as well as big and small businesses, are reporting record-breaking layoffs nationwide, more than doubling in January over December 2023, with more slated over the coming months.
According to a new analysis, published on Feb. 1 by executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, U.S. companies announced more than 82,300 job cuts in January, a 136 percent increase over December 2023.
“With the exception of last January’s total, this is the highest number of job cuts announced in the first month of a new year since ...
Democrats Are Losing Support Among Blacks and Hispanics, Survey Confirms A new survey confirms that support for Democrats among blacks and Hispanics is at an all-time low.
According to the results of a survey, released by Gallup on Feb. 7, the historical advantage Democrats have held over Republicans among two demographics—blacks and Hispanics—is eroding.
In 2023, 66 percent of black adults identified as Democrats or leans-Democrat. Just 19 percent said they identify as Republicans or leans-Republican.
While Democrats continue to dominate Republicans in support among black adults, Gallup said “their current 47-point lead is the smallest” recorded by the polling firm since 1999.
Gallop says, “Most of the decline has been recent, with the net-Democratic ID for this group falling 19 points from a 66-point advantage in 2020.”...
American Jews Show Support for Israel by Volunteering During Wartime When Justine Cohen travels to Israel to visit relatives, she usually gets a shopping list of things they’d like her to bring with her from the United States.
She got a different reaction this time when she told them she and her daughter would be coming in March on a trip sponsored by the Jewish National Fund.
They said her travel plan was a welcome piece of good news, she told The Epoch Times. “They need to have something to look forward to as the situation in Israel is so volatile and uncertain,” she said.
“When we visit Israel, they usually give us a list of items to bring from the United States. This time they just said to come.”...
US Women Becoming More Liberal, Men Remain More Stable: Gallup Survey According to a Gallup survey published on Feb. 7, women are becoming more liberal over time while the views of men have remained about the same.
While women of all age groups have leaned more toward liberal ideologies between 1999 and 2021, those identifying more as liberals are at opposite ends of the age spectrum.
Between 1999 and 2013, Gallup found that a third of women aged 18 to 29 “consistently identified as liberal.”
By 2020, 44 percent of the women in this demographic identified as liberal, dropping to 41 percent in 2022 and 40 percent by 2023. This 11-point increase marked an even greater liberal mindset among women aged 18 to 29, “already the most liberal subgroup of women” since 1999....
A Matured MAGA Movement Prepares for Trump’s Return to DC What would the start of a second Trump term look like—and what sort of opposition would it face?
In search of answers, The Epoch Times interviewed veterans of the first Trump administration, reviewed writings from that time as well as the Trump campaign’s Agenda 47, and talked to those helping to provide a 2025 roadmap.
It seems the MAGA movement is now older, wiser, and better situated in Washington.
Preexisting conservative institutions such as The Heritage Foundation have tilted in former President Donald Trump’s direction. The former president will also have a deeper bench of possible appointees and real experience running the show. A more sympathetic Supreme Court and possible gains in Congress could also help him—and, unlike in 2016, the Republican establishment ...

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Hello Kendra, Iḿ new here though, not new to the faith. However, I have been recently delivered and baptized in the holy spirit so, I can better tell the difference…
Kendra, ANYTHING is possible with Christ(God). Get your head anointed with oil by the elders of the church and their prayer of faith will heal you/ just keep asking the…

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