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    I need prayers for me to be healed mentally and stay that way. I keep suffering and I feel like it will never end or get better

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      It’s not my place to make judgement on a person, and I’m not learned in whatever “practice” “diagnosed” you, but I’m of the understanding that if these diagnoses are legitimate, they are not to overlap. That is, if the same “symptom” of personality is in more than one diagnosis, then one or both are incomplete, possibly incorrect. You’ve started correctly, I believe, in asking God and asking Christians. My personal suggestion having dealt with a human body for a number of years, is make sure you’re doing the basic flesh care. Sleep at night. If this is troubled, which many of us live by incident of our housing location, do whatever you can to solve this, even if it means spending more money or having fewer shopping options. Practice light discipline, practice caffeine and other stimulant discipline, don’t eat after dark, and sleep in a blackened room with no lights. Avoid “melatonin” as this is a hormone, not a vitamin, and will only make things worse. Drink about a gallon of water per day.

      Avoid pre-packaged meals, not because of snobbery, but because they almost always contain “mono-sodium glutamate” often in a label that is designed to be hidden. This is an amino-acid your body makes when it has been injured, and if your body is making it, it’s doing so to eliminate damaged tissue. It does this via calcium induced apoptosis, that is it causes the cells to kill themselves so other cells can duplicate into the space. As it turns out, a number of Drugs use Calcium channel as well, and this causes disorientating effects, suggesting that the intake of Monosodium Glutamate not only causes the body to cycle cells requiring extra nutrients and causing weakness, but that it will lead to disorientation.

      Avoid Caffeine. As I recall, at one time plants with caffeine were used by hunter-gatherer tribes as a way to “see spirits.” Whatever history, Caffeine is a Drug, it always has a Crash, and that crash will be confusion, depression, dulled-senses, etc. etc., exactly the opposite of the reason caffeine is sought.

      Make sure you’re getting foods with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Try to keep a food diary, as this may help you recognize a certain food to which you’re allergic, or vitamin you’re lacking, and/or help you identify if you are getting effects from any other ingredients in your food.

      I am ashamed to say that in the name of food preservation, military minded men and women have created food additives that will appear to save food stuffs by making them “mildly poisoned.” But because EVERY PERSON has different genetic responses to various poisons, You might be one of those deeply impacted.

      Finally, there is a chance you are not being affected at all by food, or your surroundings, you’re simply made to be in the spirit of Prophecy, and you’re actually dealing with the evils of the spiritual world as it affects this corporeal version. To that, whether anything I have said so far is correct about your life, I suggest you pray. In doing so Trust (absolutely push it into the universe when you pray) the acceptance and acknowledgement that God can give your prayers a factual outcome in defeating Evil Principalities, when Prayed and given to God in faith and lived in Love to His guidance in your life. Remembering that Principalities of Darkness are not the humans, and that both Angels and Humans will be Judged by God, I believe against Christ’s provided Holy Spirit, not by our flesh. The darknesses of Human Sins are God’s to solve through Christ’s death and resurrection, our job is to pray, and where we are given insight, to remind the sinner that God is, God is Just, and God is Love, in whichever order God provides to you by His plan at that moment, as the Saints before us wrote giving no thought or concern as to what we will say, as the Holy Spirit will guide in that moment.

      If you are given a spirit of prophecy, I think, do not make a noise about this to the sinners, your presence in Christ as a Saved Christian carrying the Holy Spirit will disrupt and anger the demonic enough, as it does against all Christians. And don’t make noise about it to the Saints, as they’re struggling with corporeal flesh and they will have gifts and talents you don’t. But try to use it first as a movement towards Prayer, I think, first to Praise God for his Blessing in that moment of exposing the enemy Sin and Death as these spirits do attempt to harm God’s beloved creation. Second, but imperative, always seek what God would have you do with the vision He’s allowed you. It may be simply prayer, it may be a word to the right person, it might be a direct word to the sinner at the moment or to a family member or a fellow church member, or as a suggestion of prayer to the group on the topic which is hurting the fellow believer. Remembering that God has created this gift, and Paul tells us that it’s the Highest gift we can ask for, as it’s effectively Revealing of Enemy Plans, and in the saint with this gift, is combined with the Effective Prayer of the Saint. We are Promised our prayer is not ignored by God. Only, remembering as well, as the prophetic spirit in Christ gives this ability, so the Enemy seeks to end that capacity with everything it can when it can. The goofy line, “With great power comes great responsibility,” is correct for those with this gift, you’re capable of being an Atom Bomb to the plans of Sin and Death, they’re going to try to counter you every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to move your physical body as God directs, and also don’t part the Red Sea to prove you’re gifted.

      But before you go growing a beard and carrying a staff, clean up your sleep and eating habits.

      Light Pollution is a new phenomena for most Humans, until the late 20th century most of the earth got Black Dark at night unless the moon was out. Light disruption is causing plants to struggle. In humans it regulates your Adrenaline, and even a small amount of light, especially towards the Blue side of the spectrum, absolutely changes your body chemistry. Get rid of the Cell Phone Before dark, turn the lights off at dark, keep only yellow and red shaded lamps, and only minimal if you Absolutely must. Otherwise use what small amount of light comes in your blacked-out windows if you’re in the city, keep your necessary paths clear of sharp edges, practice walking with your eyes closed and your hands out, and keep your floor clean so you can move without tripping.

      Keep your cell phone away from your head: The wavelengths used to communicate between the device and the tower have been shown to affect living tissues, and over time have been shown to cause confusion and symptoms of depression in rats. Turn your cell phone off when you’re not using it and at night.

      In the most corporeal human boring sense, if you think there may be actual damage in your brain tissue, either from a time you got knocked out or hit your head, or you’re just feeling like you’ve changed alot in the recent past without a clear reason, don’t be afraid to get an MRI or similar, there are absolutely amazing blessings in this day of surgical practice that can remove certain types of brain tissue problems, and many are almost routine.

      Finally, even if you’re not given the spirit of Prophecy, You’re 100% given the power of Prayer, so use it with Faith. God is Loving, and He has shown He honors Faith, even if it’s not always how we see the outcomes.

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