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    Patricia Dunzweiler
    • I recently escaped a horrible, corrupt, abusive living environment where I experienced so much trauma over a decade. I have been so scarred and impaired by this experience and am constantly severely anxious. I’m struggling immensely with being in “the normal world” again and being able to talk or relate to people. I have been isolating big-time and just seem to feel so fearful and useless and deeply depressed. Long-term trauma leaves deep scars. I’m struggling with my faith as well, as I begged God for years to get me out of that nightmare and am finding the nightmare still continues as the aftereffects are so very severe. Just feel like a shell of a person, carrying around a crushed soul, broken spirit and so much pain. Prayers for God’s healing, restoration, and hope would be hugely appreciated

    Patricia A Dunzweiler

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      Will be praying sis

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      In Jesus name

      Dear Patricia, I pray that God sends the Holy Spirit to comfort you and heal your anxiety as only he can. Please help us to lift up our fears and hurts and give them over to our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. Please send your people to hug Patricia and allow her as much time as she needs to heal those wounds. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. In Jesus name we ask, amen

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      Hi Patricia. I am very sorry for what you went through and are currently experiencing. I pray God heals you sooner than soon and may you experience His freedom. You will definitely be in my prayers now. Thank you for sharing your struggles and would love to help if possible. I have been through so much in my life as well, and never experienced true love from anyone, not even family. When I finally gave my heart, mind and life to Jesus at age 16, and started a daily devotion with Him, was when I finally felt loved and free at last. There are no right words to tell someone going through a tough life, nor is there those “right” words we are waiting for from someone… But one thing I do know for certain is this, Jesus is as His word says, “the truth, the life, and the way..” No one could ever heal our hearts and minds like He can. No doctor, no counseling session, not even medication could heal right to the core. Only He can. All of us have a different process, at different pace, but one similar thing is we run to the same Father, that is Jesus Christ. He has healed me from hatred, resentment, shattered heart, and trauma, not to mention physical illness as well. But we must give Him our all. I sent you virtual hugs. Stay strong.

      2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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      I too was severely abused, but as a child.  I was abused in pretty much every way imaginable.  I know how you feel.  I used to have panic attacks every day.  I was scared of everybody for a long time.  I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere even in the church after I got saved.  I spent many years even after being saved trapped and chained to my tragedies, but God heard my whispers of help.  He came down eventually and removed my depression and anxiety from me.  I had to wait on the Lord, but His timing is always perfect.  God will use your pain for your good.  You can and will get through this you are not alone.  Just know that what you’re feeling now is totally normal anyone would be struggling like you are considering what you’ve been through.  Keep crying out to Jesus.  He will heal you and it’ll be in some crazy way probably because that’s what happened for me.  If you need to talk u are free to msg me.  Don’t isolate!

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      Sister, forgive me in advance if I get irreverent. I intend this as a light sanding to sharpen, but sometimes I get too course.

      “I recently escaped a horrible, corrupt, abusive living environment” Naw, we’re still on earth Sister. Satan runs course through the world that lives without Jesus. You’ve distanced from a specific group of sinners or sinner.

      “I have been so scarred and impaired by this experience and am constantly severely anxious.” Good thing, God is constantly on watch for His plan, and the very word Severe begins and ends with Him. Continue to seek Him, and Trust His protection, as He guides in all things. Don’t be afraid to tremble, knowing that God made that to help you heal in the face of fear. But don’t dwell in endless fear, face them. You’ll find so many fears are in your head, or are placed in your ear by Satan in an attempt to get you to silence the Holy Spirit in you. That’s not a call to seek corporeal justice, or prove your value to a specific, or even every, sinner. Only a reminder that if we don’t overcome with the words of our testimony, while the blood of the lamb still covers, we might contribute to the extension of our less comfortable conditions.

      “I’m struggling immensely with being in “the normal world” again and being able to talk or relate to people.” That’s fine, sounds normal, and I would guess instructive. You can Love without having to spend time in interaction that makes you uncomfortable. But, imagine if a body builder tried to avoid all discomfort? Not much of a musculature form you’ll gain from laying on the bed snacking all day. Remember, God gave us the ability to tremble, almost all mammals do this when made afraid, you can do that without being out of order.

      “I have been isolating big-time” Glad you know what you’re doing. Now, know what you need to do if you don’t want this anymore? Whatever that is, spend time in prayer and ask God for wisdom, He provides. I would suggest you don’t jump all-in, play humming-bird until you’ve seen more of the available options for not isolating. Be Loving, be Gracious, show Mercy to their shortcomings, and don’t ever dive into sin to retain company.

      “…just seem to feel so fearful and useless and deeply depressed” I doubt it’s “seeming.” I’ve never seemed a feeling. It’s ok to feel all that, though from my own experience with trauma, I can tell you that making any of those Titles over yourself will only make them endure. They are temporary emotionally based conditions, for the most part. Perhaps only the “useless,” has any use, as it offers a legit door to Place It All On God and accept His Kingdom, His Power, His Glory, forever.

      “Long-term trauma leaves deep scars.” This reads like a Title, like you’ve assigned a future duty, of being scarred, into all of your future doings. That’s not a thing. I’ve got scars, most of the time I don’t even notice. Sometimes when it’s going to rain, I feel them. Sometimes they itch. I would suppose, sometimes, when you spot the same manipulations that scarred you, you’ll feel them. Other times, when you are just reminded of times when they came into being, you’ll remember more about the time in that condition and the sorrows it caused to God and you. But that’s not a Title, and if I can deflate your personal balloon a bit, it’s just part of being here for everyone. Sin is defeated by Christ, in God’s plan Alone, all the world would be as evil as you’ve experienced, and more, if not for God standing in for His plan in things.

      “I’m struggling with my faith as well,” Legit, the Prophets of the OT, even after saving entire nations, often had this too. God has had time to get it. Only Trust Him enough to tell Him you don’t trust, or that you’re afraid.

      “I begged God for years to get me out of that nightmare” Hallelujah the long-suffered prayer is Answered! Hallelujah that God is moving in ways that are Overwhelming for us puny humans! Hallelujah that we have this moment, of this of the Day, that the Lord has made!

      “Just feel like a shell of a person,” Ok.

      “carrying around a crushed soul, broken spirit” Our soul is God’s, or it’s worthless. Our Spirit is only useful when it’s guided by Christ’s provided Holy Spirit. You are still here, which means God still has a plan, which means whatever you think you’re supposed to be carrying, set that aside and give the fears that you’re not enough the open face they deserve. None of us are enough, all of us are polluted by the sins of Eve and Adam, all of us were always supposed to be dependent on what God provides, and always will be even if we fancy that it’s us doing the lifting.

      “Prayers for God’s healing,” Well requested.

      “restoration,” Of what? Please be careful here.

      “and hope” I’m gonna say Naw, you’ve got enough of that. If you had none, this post wouldn’t have been made. Be careful though in what you want to have Hope. This world is only the opening to a greater home. If I can be imposing, I think you’ll want Faith, not hope. Or maybe prayers for a better view of the target for which you would set yourself into hoping.

      The mind of God is unsearchable, but I will say without fear, that in the end it’s His Plotted and Bounded Lands, His Authority, and His Glory, though it’s our current blessing to have this time. Even our days of sorrow, as we are losing our attachments to this world. I think that the sorrow those losses expose, probably cannot match with the sorrow a Holy God has endured over our sins.

      But I know I sure don’t like to tell him that! I felt the tug of that spirit it as I wrote: Why Me? Huhn?? Who are you to make ME Suffer like this?!? God be Blessed, I will say today, for He is both funny, and Good. As I believe, in fact All of the word Good, is only part of what God can be; both that word and all the other contents of God, or the limits of names and traits of God, being without comprehension in boundary, count, or even imaginary letter shapes enough, from little me.

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