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    Patricia Dunzweiler
    • I recently escaped a horrible, corrupt, abusive living environment where I experienced so much trauma over a decade. I have been so scarred and impaired by this experience and am constantly severely anxious. I’m struggling immensely with being in “the normal world” again and being able to talk or relate to people. I have been isolating big-time and just seem to feel so fearful and useless and deeply depressed. Long-term trauma leaves deep scars. I’m struggling with my faith as well, as I begged God for years to get me out of that nightmare and am finding the nightmare still continues as the aftereffects are so very severe. Just feel like a shell of a person, carrying around a crushed soul, broken spirit and so much pain. Prayers for God’s healing, restoration, and hope would be hugely appreciated

    Patricia A Dunzweiler

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      Will be praying sis

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      In Jesus name

      Dear Patricia, I pray that God sends the Holy Spirit to comfort you and heal your anxiety as only he can. Please help us to lift up our fears and hurts and give them over to our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. Please send your people to hug Patricia and allow her as much time as she needs to heal those wounds. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. In Jesus name we ask, amen

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