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    I asked God about something and I think its turning around the other way. I am in pain. I want to know what is God’s plan for me about this area.I am losing it.

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      Berekt, I don’t pretend to know why some things go well and some things don’t. I do know that God is fair and just and will help us even when it is necessary for us to go through very hard times. These times often make us stronger, although we don’t see it from the inside of the problem. It is quoted “you are about as happy as you choose to be.” You can see good and bad in many circumstances. Try to look for the ways God is using this time to provide even a small comfort or a lesson that will allow you to help others or learn something new / meet someone new that will be important in your future.

      God’s plan is sometimes a much bigger picture than we ourselves. We are part of HIS plan and not he is part of OUR plan.

      One thing I have done when I went through a very painful time was to write encouraging scripture on note cards and leave them in my pocket. I would read them throughout the day to keep my mind from focusing on the pain.

      I pray that God is with you and helps you see the positive in your circumsatance.


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      mary bailey

      Dear Bereket,

      I will not  pretend to understand why things are the way they are but i do want you to know that i  lifted up to heaven a prayer for you i know that it most often does not come in the form that we would like but that God will be Glorified no matter what  and that you do matter to Him, let me end with this- as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride so does my God rejoice over you. Love Tine,



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      In Jesus name

      Hi, so sorry to hear that you are carring so much weight on your shoulders.

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      In Jesus name

      i am also carring a heavy load, and we should pray together. Power of 2 or more gathered in his name. I just walked away from a catagory 5 hurricane. I pray the Holy Spirit lifts these burdens up to Jesus, for nothing is impossible through Christ who strengtjens us. Amen

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